Solar energy

Facilities for testing concentrating solar power plants in Bohdalice are intended for developing, measuring and testing state-of-the-art power-generation equipment intended for converting solar radiation into thermal and electrical energy (or a combination thereof).

Devices that can be tested include heat engines Stirling engine with generator, heat exchangers, steam generators and other devices using concentr. solar radiation and high temperatures at the focal point of a set of parabolic mirrors.

Stirling engine with generator

The results and conclusions gained from the trial facilities will serve for the commencement of production of unique power - generation equipment using solar energy.

A project involving the development of a power - generation unit based on a Stirling engine intended for the production of electrical energy and thermal transformation of solar energy in the range 10 - 25 kW of electrical power has been implemented at the laboratory in Hořovice.

Version of Stirling engine - scheme

The project’s content is based on the more than six years’ experience of TEDOM a.s. with the development of a Stirling engine for co-generation applications with power of 10 kW. There is currently no producer in the world that could satisfy demand for this technology. Therefore, within this project the highest degree of attention will be focused on the development of a solar version of the Stirling engine as a key component of the overall technology.


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